They Don't Know About Us

If love is respect,

you must not love me.

If respect is normal,

you must not be.

And in the instance these things reach the ears of my loved ones,

I may be disowned forever.

They don't know about us-

about you and me dating seriously;

They don't know about the nights I cried myself to sleep because of the way you treat me;

They don't know about our unborn child-

barely surviving in my womb.

I want out, but don't know what to do:

It's frightening,

you're frightening.

The way your chest puffs up, and your face appears crimson:

The way your hand goes up, and lands roughly on my face.

In the beginning, I though they were jealous of us, but I was wrong:

you are.

I yearn most violently to return home,

yet I cannot:

They never knew about the abuse.

Respect in love is normal:

only I am. 

~ j. grey