The Tale of the Legendary Lovers

There once was a legend of doomed lovers,

                                                                       whose fate had been determined by the heavens.

Though death presented itself on numerous occasions,

                                                                                       it received them not.


        in the way they looked upon one another,

embraced each other;


made the hearts of those around them flutter.

One may hide in a room just to hear the command to come forth as the coast cleared,

  to sneak behind and caress the waist of their lover.

              It's not proscribed, 

however I desire for that type of love.

Where the wind understands, 

                                      and blows you closer together;

the grass empathizes,

                                       as it ripples to create a space for you to rest;

trees sway to and fro,

                                         protecting the (internal) energy we share.

As the forces of love saturate the heavens,

                                        our fate is sealed by the only Deity.

Black birds flutter around, 

                                        yet death will not take hold of us.

We will not be doomed:

as the lovers in the tragically beautiful legend.

~ j. grey