Self-Love: The Answer

I got tired of waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel, so I dug myself out.

As the sun beat down on me, I automatically found my shadow and decided my flaws. The weight of the decisions I made while in the tunnel haunted me. I was depleted of my self esteem, then blamed myself for others’ decisions, and the way they treated me.

I didn’t love myself.

That’s why I fantasized and created scenarios in which those around who were hateful, spiteful, and jealous of me changed their ways, and decided to accept me.

Yet I (still) barely liked myself.

I changed my ways, appearance, and opinions; climbed back into the tunnel, and created a luminous, radiant light for the end.

Then I realized the answer to my pain and despair was to love myself. My time in the tunnel showed my I have many reasons to. Though I have spent numerous hours crafting letters of love to others, yet there was never a letter I wrote to me.

This is that letter about the strong, beautiful, and free self-lover who found her freedom in the explosion of the tunnel of self-doubt and judgement.

Never go back,

Yours Truly