Letter to The Lover Who Never Forgot Me

I take my pen and journal out and write letters bursting with lyrics about because you remember me. In an era where I don't exist to others, I am your kindred spirit.

While I play a piece of music, I feel you beside me; when rain is watering Earth, I miss your lingering around me. And I dare not profess the contents of this letter to a soul, for fear of judgement.

However, I am anticipating the sincerity of your words. This hope has cradled me during my trials and tribulations; it has calmed my stormy seas. With this hope I live, yearning to share the same roof as you.

Therefore, this separation adds a poetic touch to our regretful lives. This suffering, joy, dream, illusion, is all for the moment I may sit and enjoy a bottle of sparkling cider with you.

I truly anticipate the sincerity of your words. Thank you for remembering me.

~j. grey

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