Letter to The Lover That Got Away

Last night I slept restlessly: dreaming countless scenarios where we reunite and never part again. I miss you like crazy- so I constantly have to remind myself what it feels like to be in your embrace; to talk to you- your ever-maturing disposition. 

You must miss me- from the way your eyes met mine. Your gaze watching me from across the room, silently sulking as other guys approached me.

When we were young, you swore you would never let me go: please keep your promise. Being split from you feels like my heart is being scorched.

I try and console myself, saying that the reason we still see each other in a good light is because all we must do is cherish our memories of the past, but it only makes me voraciously desire a future together.

So find me. Please find me.

I'll be waiting on you.

~ j. grey