Letter to The Lover That Cheated

So, I discovered I'm not the only one. And at that moment, all the late nights, mysterious texts, and unavailability made sense. 

I gave you my soul! Trusting that you wouldn't do anything to hurt me, but I was wrong.

What does she have that I don't? A flatter stomach? Larger breasts? Wider hips? Yet no matter what it is, who she is, or how long you have been seeing each other, not one soul can dispute I loved you first.

It feels as though a thousand fires have broken loose and begun burning the depths of my spirit. Congratulations, you broke it.

There are three things you know very well that I do not tolerate: sexism, disloyalty, and wasted time. When you commit one of these, you commit all.

Eat well.

Sleep well.

Live well.

I never wish to see you again.

~ j. grey