Letter to The Lover I Wish I Had

Love is lowest type of slavery, and induces the most suffering. It never fails, yet makes the one-sided lover feel as though they are. Love rejoices in all things righteous, yet when I see you with another ‘tis hard.

Therefore, I cannot be the first to profess my love. Because once the words “I love you,” escape my lips, I then may willingly let myself be used.

Why can’t you be my lover? Every night I wish upon a thousand stars, a million moons, and a hundred billion galaxies you were mine. I’ve hidden and suppressed my feelings so long, It’s brought me greater grief than if I would have confessed.

Someone once told me, (that) some people really love each other, however, they are so cold to each other, one couldn’t get warm even if they tried.

Say you love me, please,

~ j. grey