Letter to The Lover I Cannot Have

The characteristic you have, that I admire most is your loyalty. What is keeping us apart, is that loyalty.

I love you. My heart is uneasy, because I don’t know where you stand. But that night, I know you felt more than what you led everyone to believe.

Do you love me?

‘Tis a yes or no question.

I long so desperately to be yours, but do you want me?

Time passes unhurried; I can’t wait forever, yet I also can’t bear to forget. My love will never end.

If on that day, you confessed feelings for me, doubt not, from that day on my heart would have been yours.

At birth, our souls were intertwined for eternity. This is unable to be cut off. So, the more I try to reason this endless love I write about, the more confusing it gets.

A piece of my soul is in you, and a piece of your soul is in me. This was ordained by heaven.

The more I try to reason, the more confusing it gets.

Fate is too short, for a love this long.

~ j. grey