Letter to The Bereaved Lover

I never desired to get involved with what’s righteous and evil; how could I predict the outcome would be against my wishes? Both of us have matured, happiness has withered, and can’t reverse time.

Memories of previous times go back and forth, to and fro’, the pain permeates the depths of my heart. Despite normal follies, I wish to have no regrets.

Maybe our vanity will diminish, alongside our self-righteousness; then, I will make toasts to you, and converse until we’re delirious.

With a bottle of sparkling cider, and the ashes of my former self, this lifetime will produce no regrets. Seasons come and go, life and death are out of our control. Soon, we shall meet again and converse (un)til delirium, when flowers bloom.

You posses an unsullied reputation, therefore I grieve relentlessly for your loss. How I long to reverse time to savor the aftertaste of the cider again, intoxicating us.

I’m so sorry,

~ j. grey