Letter To My Future Lover

I beseech thee not love me less because of the color of my skin, but only look at what's within. The ride of my breasts and the curve of my hips may be larger than our lighter brothers and sisters, but please don't withdraw your love.

In letters past, your words were like oil, dripping from your lips without hesitation. But because my skin may be darker, my lips bigger, curves more defined, and hair naturally kinky, I beg of you: don't love me any less. 

I may not have already met you, or I may have known you all my like, yet something about you being my lover makes my heart flutter.

So take these words, but don't leave them. Cherish them, don't act like you didn't see them. I love you so bad it hurts: please don't hurt me with you response.

Love me as I am, not for what color you want me to be,

~ j. grey