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The Realist Romantic

Who I AM



Education is power...

I am a poet. Someone who is beyond unqualified to speak about life, love, and matters of the heart. As other writers, authors, and poets, I too am standing in a busy intersection, waving my arms, shouting, and knocking on car windows in attempt to get attention. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to every person who took time out their day to read my writing, like or share it, and/or left a comment. However, do not be misled: my identity is not found in how many followers I have, or how many likes or reblogs I have. It is found in the heart of the lyrics that fall from my lips. They originate from my unconventional education of the ways of this world.


Anyone who says otherwise is trying to take advantage of you.

For a period of time I lost myself. Getting caught up in what others thought, and had to say, distracted me not only from what I love, but also from the power my words have. Every lyric I construct drips with emotion in its rawest form, and somehow I was led to believe it was worthless. Therefore, because I have fully recovered from that twisted logic, I have pledged to never let anyone swindle me out of the belief that (my) education is power.